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Services animal clinic, laser surgery, hamptonat Deer Park Animal Hospital in Newport News

Our animal hospital serves the Newport News and Hampton area. We offer a range of services, ranging from primary care and pet dentistry to internal medicine, neurology and dog boarding. At our animal hospital, Dr. Savell and his team have been providing top-notch health and wellness services for pets in the Newport News and Hampton area since 2003. Our motto, "We are a family helping families," reflects our veterinary hospital's dedication to offering the highest quality care. At our veterinary clinic, we see all breeds of cats and dogs from the Newport News and Hampton area.

Our Newport News Veterinary Clinic Is Committed to Advanced Care

From primary care and vaccinations to laser surgery and dermatology, our veterinary clinic offers a comprehensive selection of health care services so we can treat your pets on-site, without having to refer you to other clinics.

Thanks to the state-of-the art medical equipment at our veterinary hospital, we offer cardiology, oncology and radiology. In addition, we perform general surgery and orthopedic surgery, and are proud to offer CO2 laser surgery to the pets of Newport News and Hampton at our veterinary hospital. This is a precise surgery method that minimizes your pets' discomfort during and after medical procedures, reduces the loss of blood and offers more precision than conventional surgery. Furthermore, our veterinary hospital offers Class IV laser therapy, a powerful new treatment method that can increase your pet's mobility, help wounds heal faster and decrease the amount of time spent in rehabilitation after surgery.

Internal Medicine and Neurology

We offer internal medicine and neurology, as well as reproduction-theriogenology, spays and neuters. For animals with skin and eye conditions, we offer dermatology and ophthalmology, and geriatric medicine for elderly pets that suffer from age-related conditions. In addition, because pets can suffer from acute or chronic pain due to illness, injury or surgery, we offer pain management to effectively decrease their discomfort.

In house Lab

Our veterinary clinic has a well-equipped laboratory so we can perform blood work and other medically analyses on-site, which reduces the time pet owners have to wait for results. Our animal hospital also features a pharmacy so you can pick up your pet's medications immediately after his appointment.

Oral Health

At our animal hospital, we understand that your pet's oral health is just as important as your own, which is why we offer high quality dental care and pet dentistry. Our dental services include oral exams, teeth cleanings, and tooth extractions. Pet dental health is a vital contributor to your pet's overall health.

In order to keep your pet healthy with preventative care, we perform vaccinations, and heartworm, flea and tick prevention. Furthermore, our animal clinic offers nutritional counseling so you can support your pet's overall health with the diet that's right for him.


Our veterinary clinic offers excellent grooming!  Marie Lockwood does an excellent job of bathing and clipping dogs and cats so they can look their best to your satisfaction!  Make an appointment by calling our office at 595-9720 and give them the spa treatment of their lives! She accepts cash only. All pets must be vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella and can be done the same day as the grooming.

Our animal clinic has a veterinarian on duty six days a week in case of an emergency. If your pet needs urgent care, please call or bring your pet in immediately. If you have questions or would like to know if we offer additional services, please call us at 757-595-9720.

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Dr. Savell has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years.

John Doe
Newport News, VA

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